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The Noodle Kitty Screen and Picture Stand is the perfect decorative phone holder for anyone tired of their phone slipping and sliding.

Sturdy Material: This stand is made of high-quality plastic that ensures durability.

Multi-Purpose: Whether you want to watch a movie, take a picture, or video chat with friends and family, this stand provides the perfect viewing angle.

Cute Design: The Noodle Kitty design adds a playful touch to your space while also serving as an eye-catching decoration.

This phone holder can be used in various ways. You can prop up your phone vertically or horizontally while watching videos or taking pictures without the fear of it falling flat.

The Noodle Kitty Screen/Picture Stand has endless uses that you will surely enjoy with its sturdy plastic material that ensures longevity. This cute design enhances your space while also holding up your device securely at all times. Get this decorative holder now!


Noodle Kitty Screen/Picture Stand

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